Asolo Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our FAQ which might already answer some of your questions while you are still online. If your question still needs to be answered please call1-603-448-8827 option 3 or use the following link for email: contact us


Warning about counterfeit Asolo products.


Please be aware that there are counterfiet Asolo products in the US market. Asolo will pursue legal action against the seller's whenever possible. The best advice that we can give a consumer is to purchase from an Authorized Asolo retailer. See our dealer locator for one near you.



How do I repair / resole my Asolo boots?


We recommend: 

Dave Page, Cobbler 
3509 Evanston Ave. North 
Seattle, WA 98103 
800-252-1229 (contact Dave)


Or search here for a local Vibram cobbler:




Does Asolo have any discounts for Active Military?


Of course we do. We appreciate all your efforts and sacrifice. You will need to enroll in our Pro program using a valid military email address. Send an email via the "contact us" section and we will send the instructions.


Can you send me some Asolo stickers?


Yes, send an email to with your mailing address.


What is the meaning of “V”, “GV” and “GTX” in the model names?


The “V” stands for a Vibram outsole, “GV” stands for Gore-Tex lining with a Vibram outsole and “GTX” is for a Gore-Tex lining.


How do I properly fit your Asolo footwear?


Your local Asolo retailer can be counted on to help you get a proper fit. However, a little knowledge can be helpful in the fitting process. When fitting your boots you should wear whatever socks you intend to wear with the boots. If you use custom orthopedic foot beds, they should be placed in the boots for fitting if possible. Once the footwear is properly laced, there should be space between your toes and the boot. Another good way to check the fit is to untie the boot and check if you can slide your index finger between your ankle and the boot. When this is done, your toes should hit the end of the boot, as show in the graphic below.



Can you send me a current catalog?


Download the  2015 USA catalog by clicking here.

Download the  2016 USA catalog by clicking here.


How can I clean and maintain my Asolo footwear?


Asolo recommends Nikwax products for the proper cleaning and maintaining of your Asolo footwear. Nikwax has cleaning gels for fabric and leather boots, along with conditioners for smooth leather boots. Click here for more information on Nikwax and cleaning tips .


Storage Tips

Do not store your boots in plastic bags or containers for long periods of time. Store your boots in a dry, well ventilated place free from a large range of tempatures and humidity.

Product Duration

Product duration varies according to the type of boot, the methods of use/care and maintenance. It is not possible to give a precise expiry date. However, it is recommended to repalce boots that are stored under normal conditions (tempature, relative humidity) after five years from the date of manufacture.


What is the likelihood of Gore-Tex leaking on both boots?


Typically the chances of this happening are infinitesimal. More than likely the moisture is from your feet sweating or water getting in from the tops of the boots. Some helpful information on Gore-Tex can be found here